Blue Full Moon Tonight ~ Completions and New Beginnings


Good morning Fabulous Family, Friends and Jewelry Lovers!

I am loving and appreciating this beautiful over-cast morning here in Arizona and I hope you all are well!  I originally wanted to talk about what inspired me for this new collection, butttt my spirit is somewhere else and the universe has other plans...totally use to this by now...Lol.  So, I will wait for another time when it feels right.  I don't know about you all, but I am sooo ready for tonight's blue full moon.  The lunar cycles very much effect me, my energy, insight and creativity.  I had full intentions on spending the entire day (with an exception to visiting my Grandma) creating and posting the new pieces of the collection to the website, but I'm feeling otherwise now.  :)

I feel like today is all about becoming aware of those things that do not serve us, releasing it and accepting it's completion cycle.  For a lot of us, these are karmic cycles coming to an end - Hallelujah!! (emoji hands in the air), so we can move forward.  Now is the time..Woohoo I'm ready!  This has been a stubborn and super challenging mercury retrograde in Scorpio to say the least.  It's no coincidence that it ends on election day.  Another wohooo and hallelujah!!  Yesss It's been hard and even scary to release that past and make the decision to move towards change.  So with tonight's full moon, now is a great time to think about those areas of change that we want and see for ourselves and let the new beginning come on in.  I hope you all have and will set your intentions for what you want to manifest in your life with this new beginning!  ♥

So today, let's honor ourselves by releasing the past, being willing to forgive, being open to giving and receiving love, and visualizing the success of our dreams and goals!

I really just wanted to take some time to share this message this morning, and spread love and good karma to you all for today!  

Sending love and good energy,




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