Exciting News + Support your local small businesses this holiday season!

Hey Guys!, I hope you all are doing well!  Before I get started, I want to wish my favorite Uncle Gary a very happy Birthday today!! ♥
So, It's been very busy over here and as overwhelmed as I feel, I thrive off this time of year!  I have deadlines and I always work best that way, under pressure.  Otherwise, without the deadlines, I end up floating off to my other planet, create when I want, and then come back down to earth when needed, wondering what day it is and what I missed..Lol.  And yes, you read correctly, I'm not from this planet..pretty convinced of that, but that's another blog post for another time..Lol  (I'll open up in doses) 
So back to the deadlines.. Surprisingly, the pressure brings out my best designs.  I've always wondered why I operate that way, because sometimes it is annoying to even myself since it is technically procrastination, but I've just stopped questioning and go with it..Lol  I was the worst when I had an event to get ready for.  Inspiration would literally hit about 1-2 days before the event and I would work like a crazy woman through out the night in my zone, but getting it all done plus some.  When I'm locked in, I feel like I can do anything and it’s so exhilarating.  I've learned to trust that I will perform and produce what I need to, when I need to.
How we roll..ORGANIZED CHAOS..Lol.  My daughter Laila helping me spot out color combinations (btw, she designs by color also, I'll write more about this in another blog post)! ♥
Soooo I have some very exciting news, I've finally decided to launch my men's line!!  Yay!!  I know, it's been a long time coming.  I've had so many request over the years from family, friends and customers to get going on it and well, I've been inspired that now is the time, so I'm doing it!  You can shop the men's line here on my website and my Etsy shop very soon!!
In addition, I am also making exclusively designed pieces for King & Duck store located in Scottsdale Fashion square mall.  King & Duck is owned by one of my long time friends from college (go Devils!), and it was him that gave me the final push that I needed to get this men's line off the ground.  So, thank you Sergio for always having my back and supporting me through it all!  King & Duck is a men’s street wear store, so this will be fun and challenging all at the same time to create pieces for his clientele.  Challenge accepted!  :)  Be sure and check out his store for the holidays..the pieces will be available there for his Black Friday. 
Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall
7014 E Camelback Rd #2284, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Speaking of support and shopping local, I am also busy making exclusive pieces for Storm Wisdom store, located in Phoenix.  I've been making pieces for Storm Wisdom for several years now.  Not only is this store absolutely fabulous, but the owner and staff are some of my favorite people!  If you haven't shopped this wonderful store full of crystals and local art, you must go check it out!!  As soon as you walk in, you will feel the uplifting magnetic energy of all the crystals, stones and artwork through out the store.  Thank you Charles and Gisela for being such amazing people and consistently supporting me over the years! ♥
3375 E Shea Blvd., Suite A-1
Phoenix, AZ 85028
We ALL thank you for shopping with us and supporting our small businesses!!
Well, signing off for now, but I couldn't wait to share the news about the men's line (more to come on that), and I had to take some time to send love to the retailers!
It's go time!
Much love and gratitude,
Denise ♥

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