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Hey guys!  I hope you all are doing well and starting to get in to the holiday spirit!  I've been sooo busy creating creating creating, photographing all pieces and posting to the website.  I know...It's kinda crazy. That's why I really wanted to release this new collection almost like a Pre-Black Friday launch. 
So I have to say, It feels so good to be back in my zone!  I know I'm there, when there is urgency.  It's almost a slight anxiety and a build up of thoughts, ideas, images, and pictures that flash in my mind, and when I sit down at the table to create, I can't stop.  When my creativity hits, it comes quick and it's very demanding, so I have to release it, and will find myself working through the night until the early mornings.  I can't tell you how many times I have fallen asleep at the table, laying on beads, wires and whatever else I have on it. Lol.  I just go until I can't anymore.  It's the most amazing feeling, almost like being on cloud 9, and I could say kind of like an out of body experience.  Actually, in all honesty, it is an out-of-body experience.  I didn't want to scare that's exactly what it is.  My spirit takes over and I let it!  Guess that's why it feels so good.  I am in my absolute truth and 100% freedom.  It's very liberating, so when it comes, I'm thankful and grateful!  ♥  
My inspiration on this new Holiday Collection started off with one strong feeling and aesthetic and has transformed about three different times. Lol...but I'm loving it!  I just go with the flow and what ever spirt wants to do.  This year I have been all about rediscovering my divine feminine energy.  I want women to feel empowered, beautiful, amazing and comfortable to be uniquely ourselves!  We are all different so it's important that we honor that about ourselves and allow our jewelry to make a statement about us and for us.  That's what this collection is about, embracing our inner Empress!  So I started off with thoughts of wanting to create big bold statement neck pieces with the mix of beautiful stones and metals.  Below are two of the first pieces from this collection that I created.  I did end up dialing them back a notch to be wearable, but overall these are my favorites so far. I digg em'!  :)  Hope you do too!  
With this collection, I have used a lot of components and beads that I've had on hand.  So, a lot of the pieces you see, are one-of-a-kind and will not be re-made (unless on special request).  I have so many components to work with, and it can either be overwhelming if I'm not in the zone, or it can be the best playground in the world.  I tend to work with one color pattern for about 3-4 jewelry pieces then switch to another color pattern or way of designing.  I am most inspired by looking at glimpses of various random colors together, then my mind shows me images of how I can transform that into a piece, and I build up from there. It's crazy, but this is the first time that I have actually verbalize or tried to explain my creative process in this much depth.  It's enlightening for me also even trying to describe it!  Lol.  Well, before I get too deep, I'l leave it here for now, but I wanted to check in and make sure if you're reading this, you check out the entire collection which will be launched on Thursday, November 19th.  I hope you are enjoying the pieces I've posted so far and these blogs.  
Thank you for reading, allowing me to share my creativity with you and shopping with me!
Much love and blessings ♥,
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 The making of another fav of mine from this collection.
*behind the name..Triumph = A Winner!  enough said.  :)
This is only about 1/4 of all the random miscellaneous components I have been working with for this collection.  I know It looks like absolute madness, but it's how I see the color combinations I want to work with and how I create at my best!   
..and Meee doing a little website work.
Thank you for supporting my small business! ♥
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