The Empress Holiday 2020 Collection is Here!!

Yay!!, the Empress Holiday 2020 Collection is done (or should I say, I reached my deadline. ;), but I'm soooo excited to showcase these new pieces!  There are over 80 NEW women's and men's pieces I've posted over the past two weeks, so take your time looking.  I've also brought a couple of popular designs back.  I will actually be posting more pieces today and tomorrow because there are more that I want to still include in the check back if you can.  I hope you love them and one or some resonate with you and your wardrobe!  ♥
I also started posting new men's pieces to the men's collection!  I'll write a separate blog post on that over the weekend, because I have so much to say about that creative process.  But for now, it's all about us Empresses!  
Of course I love ALL of this new collection, but I do have some favorites that I either loved working with the stone, or the design made me extra excited and happy to create!  In which case, I call Laila (my 9 yr old daughter) over to me and ask her opinion, and when she confirms the design with excitement too, that's when I know I hit the mark.  My daughter Laila, is VERY honest with me and she will tell me when I've strayed a little too far off, or a design isn't looking quite right. Lol.  We have the same aesthetic and it's so awesome to have her input and reassurance.  Anyone that knows her, already knows I'm talking about a gifted 9 year old little being.  Simply put, she's amazing and my little earth angel! ♥  I'm so grateful for her!  
When it comes to a successful design, hitting the mark for me, means I served my purpose for that moment, with that piece, with those materials, and was able to create something from nothing. That creation process is wonderfully mentally stimulating.  Whether it sells or not, doesn't matter.  I've already created it, and it's energy is out and ready to serve.  When it sells, or I have request to make more, it's a double win!  A feeling of total victory, because now I know it's resonating with people, and they are picking up what I'm putting down!  But not always do pieces work out, and I even have a change of mind a lot of times with some pieces.  But for that point in time when the piece is created, it has it's own special purpose and meaning, no matter how long it last or is around for.  Hm..sounds like life!  ♥
The process is so rewarding, and I will ALWAYS feel such overwhelming gratitude to you all for each and every sale!  It's never been or about the money for me.  It's about someone else also seeing my vision, and also thought the finished product was beautiful. Of course, at times I get caught up in this 3d world, and can get wrapped up in the business side of it all, but it's not what fuels me.  It's not what keeps me going through the times when I get burned out from creating, or feeling totally uninspired due to life's shit and unforeseen circumstances.  (sorry, sometimes I will curse as a use of  The money isn't what keeps me working through the night before I launch a new collection, or before getting ready for an event, or making pieces for Storm Wisdom by the timeframe I said I would.  Because let's face it, from a business standpoint, it's all unknown.  Each time I make a new piece or launch a new collection, I really don't know if it will resonate with anyone.  But I try to never allow that question or thought to stay in my mind for very long.  I know first hand, creativity can not exist if there is fear lingering in my mind.  It just doesn't work.  When I'm uninspired or with a creative block, it's because fear of some sort crept in and got comfortable. Anyways, we won't give that much more attention, but it is important to mention because it's a part of the process. But this is a way of how I give back to the world.  Creating something from nothing with love, and sending those vibrations out in the form of jewelry.  But it's you all appreciating my work and looking forward to what I will create next, that fuels me to keep going!  ♥  Thank You!   
A lot of times the finished piece leads me to build on another design that I may not have seen if I didn't complete the prior piece.  It's all about the entire process that I love! 
So, here are some of my favs...
The Empress Amethyst Necklace - Well here she is!  The piece that inspired the collection...Tribal Chic Beauty!  Strong, bold, feminine and fierce.  I'm obsessed with the clear quartz paired with the large purple amethyst center stone, surrounded by brass snake-cut metal beads.  You will make a statement with this piece! ♥  One of my absolute favorites!
Star of the Zodiac Earrings - I love how the purple amethyst pops against the antique silver in a dangle drop hoop.  Plus, there is something orbital and astro looking about the design, so I named them, The Star of the Zodiac.  :) I just really love the way they look on too!
Love Always Chalcedony Stone Earrings & Necklace - Ahhhh I love these antique silver pieces with pop of blue soothing chalcedony!  This is a unique, yet timeless style neck piece and earrings.  With the heart shaped linked pieces, it has such a loving vibe to it, so I named them "Love Always..".   Wear the pieces together or separate.  The special thing about these pieces is they work for either a day or night look.
Love Energy Pink Agate Necklace - The hot pink druzy agate stone is SO gorgeous and I feel it stands out even more draped from the gold herringbone chain.  It's masculine and feminine all at the same time.  Classic, unique and bold. Balanced.  Maybe I should have named it "Balance"  ;)
Saturn Druzy Agate Necklace - This IS tribal chic to me!  I love this piece on and off to just look at.  The golden druzy agate stone is really pretty and again kind of has a futuristic yet hard and soft vibe to it.  Like a Queen, she's soft and fierce but knows how to make a subtle statement.  A futuristic queen..yesss!  (I see a set of future name changes taking place on some of these  I love the gold metal crescent moons at the top of the piece, set off with a pop of turquoise down in the center.
Moving on and speaking of futuristic..Starseed Green Onyx Crystal Earrings -  I had so much fun designing and crafting these.  For one, I love wire-wrapping.  It's such a soothing and rewarding process for me..I know it sounds weird..but I like it especially when it adds the little perfect finishing touch.  I'm a perfectionist with the wire wrapping and love to get the wires wrapped around together strays.  I also love the vibrant rich color of the green onyx stones.  These earrings are pretty on and make a unique subtle statement.  I have so much love for these!
Earth Connection Green Jasper Bracelet Set - (Which by the way works perfect with the Star Seed Earrings!)  I looovve how these jasper stones feel.  I loved working with them and stringing them on the cord for the bracelet.  You will feel the cool energy they have to them and will feel like butter on the  Seriously, they do definitely have an earth soothing vibe and connection to them, so that's why I named them the Earth Connection set. The matte green of the jasper stones gives just the right amount of color for any outfit!
The Moon Lover Hoop Earrings - These are such a good size hoop and because they are so thin, it looks like the moon is floating in air.  Again, unique subtle statement maker!  I love all of the colors of these thin hoops, I think you will too! ♥  Green Chalcedony  or Mystic Chalcedony
Matte Black Onyx Energy Protection Set - I loveeee these faceted-cut black onyx stones!  Black onyx has been used and treasured for years for being a protection stone.  These stones have such a strong magical vibe to them.  I loved pairing them with a little pop of love, a beautiful rose quartz stone and clear quartz to add some femininity and softness.  I made it a set so it could be worn single or paired, but you have options.  :)  
Crystal Quartz Tribe Necklace - TRIBAL CHIC..I love this piece!  It has a little more of a masculine energy to it, but it's beautiful and fierce either way.  Gorgeous crystal quartz against antique silver metal in a tribal pattern, gives a unique one of a kind look that I love to create with.  I made this piece a 23" necklace to lay a little longer on the chest, so to not overtake the entire upper chest and collarbone.  
Trapeze Amethyst Dagger Earrings - These earrings are so fierce!  Gorgeous deep rich purple amethyst that is faceted-cut and in a dagger shape.  LOVE!  The stones are dangling from a gold metal trapeze post to add such a unique, fun, flirty, sexy, yet don't mess with me type vibe because my dagger will defend me. Lol.  I created these envisioning wearing them with a black or cream off the shoulder sweater in mind!  I know, totally random but that's what I was thinking with the design.  
Okay, I can see that I'm going to have to wrap this up before I get carried away and end up listing the entire collection here, but I did want to give a little bit deeper insight on what I was thinking when creating this collection.  I hope you enjoy!
If you're not already a subscriber, be sure and sign up to my newsletter!  I will send a newsletter update out once the Men's collection is ready for take off and will post about it here in a new blog post.  As I stated in a previous blog, I'm not on social media, so this is my platform of choice to express myself and connect with you all!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.
Sending much love and gratitude,

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