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My journey as a jewelry designer began in 2009 after I lost my daughter at two months old. After a trip to Sedona, I became fascinated with semi-precious gemstones and their metaphysical healing properties for the mind, body and soul. I purchased a few strands of gemstone beads, and began making gemstone bracelets for myself, friends and family.  I spent countless hours watching YouTube videos, obsessively determined to teach myself how to design and make more complicated pieces of jewelry.  To my surprise, learning to craft jewelry quickly became an avenue of healing and happiness for me. I decided to channel my grief into a new found hobby and business of gemstones and jewelry making. I've always had a love for fashion and accessories, and jewelry was the perfect fit, allowing me to discover a hidden love and creativity with in myself that I never knew existed.
My pieces are influenced by my random and sometimes eclectic, boho-chic style, along with my pure love for gemstones. My hope is that you find inspiration and happiness in these designs as I have found creating them. 
Love and blessings ♥,
Denise Jackson