About Me

Welcome to My Shop

(tree - boo)
Spanish translation; Tribe
- A cohesive group of people, an anthropology,
a small social society with a common interest and
a valued culture uniquely their own

I'm inspired by beautiful gemstones, metals, tribal patterns, contrasting colors and textures. I love blending beautiful stunning gemstones with the hardness and texture of various brass and silver metals.  My goal is to create a one-of-a-kind unique piece of jewelry that you won't find anywhere else.  I take pride in my personal designs and craftsmanship, giving extra attention and detail to every piece I make.

How I Got Started

 I'm a self-taught jewelry designer and began making jewelry in 2009 after I lost my two-month-old daughter, Isabella, to a rare genetic syndrome. Looking for any sort of healing, I became intrigued with the beauty of gemstones and their metaphysical healing properties for the mind, body, and spirit.  I started making gemstone jewelry for myself and later for friends and family.  I watched countless hours of Youtube videos and spent many late nights that turned into early mornings obsessively working to perfect my new found craft and to find my own style. Designing and creating gemstone jewelry gave me an outlet to channel my grief as well as a renewed sense of passion and purpose towards life.  
 Each piece has been thoughtfully handcrafted with it's own unique style, look, feel and energy.  It is my sincerest honor to be able to share my creativity with you.
My wish is that you love my pieces as much as I love creating them!  

Sending love, gratitude and good energy! 



I'm forever grateful to my precious, Isabella Rae for inspiring me to dream, create and live. ♥