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 Boho-Tribal Chic Jewelry and Accessories 
What Inspires Me

I'm inspired by colors, tribal patterns and various cultures from around the world.  I love designing pieces by combining the mix of beautiful enchanting gemstones with the hardness and texture of various metals and ethnic components.  My goal and intention is to create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic style that you won't find anywhere else. 

I take pride in my personal designs and craftsmanship, giving extra attention and detail to every piece I make.  I also personally photograph all of my product images, hoping to capture how I feel about the piece and reflect back it's unique beauty.  In addition to my handcrafted designs, I love treasure hunting and for unique global finds..handmade jewelry and accessories by other artisans from around the world. 
How I Got Started

I'm a self taught jewelry designer and began making jewelry in 2009 after I lost my two-month old daughter. Looking for any sort of healing, I became intrigued with gemstones and their metaphysical healing properties for the mind, body and spirit.  I began making gemstone bracelets for myself and later for my friends and family.  My new found hobby gave me an outlet to channel my grief and also gave me a renewed passion and purpose.  I've always had a love for fashion and accessories, and jewelry was the perfect fit, allowing me to discover a hidden love and creativity within myself that I never knew existed.

In 2012, I officially turned my hobby into a business and named it after my daughter, Isabella Rae Jewelry.
10 years later, In honorable closure of that chapter, I have re-named Isabella Rae Jewelry to the new name of, TRIBU! 
Thank you to Charles McAlpine, owner of Storm Wisdom Store in Phoenix, who helped me with the new name, and a big thank you to all of my loyal customers who inspired me to keep creating!
 My wish is that you continue to love my jewelry as much as I love designing and curating it!

Sending love, inspiration and good energy,



 I'm forever grateful to my precious Isabella Rae for her inspiration and this gift!