Angel Feather 22K Gold Crystal Dagger Earrings
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Angel Feather 22K Gold Crystal Dagger Earrings

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Beautiful bohemian-chic earrings crafted with 22k gold feather post with dangling 18k gold chain, and natural blue chalcedony crystal daggers.

  • 2.25" long
  • Post-ear-wire with a supportive back
  • 22k gold dipped metal
  • 18k gold dipped chain
  • Natural blue chalcedony crystals


By Tribu Creations

Chalcedony is known as the speaker's stone, the stone of one who must measure his/her words. It encourages reflection and meditation and has a gentle radiance that helps us to remember thoughtfulness with our communication.  It is also considered a nurturing stone, absorbing negative energy and dissipating it before it can be passed on.

The feather has always had a deep spiritual meaning, representing the connection to spirit and the divine universe.  Wearing feather jewelry is a great way to keep it's symbolism close to you.